Aceite de Oliva

Aceites Noguero – Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra del Somontano variedad Empeltre

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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra, variedad empeltre, del Somontano


Kami means paper in Japanese, and you will understand why these cups are named Kami as soon as you touch them. Made of castor aralia wood, these cups are meticulously shaped down to 2 mm thickness using manual methods. Handcrafted at the Takahashi Kougei wood workshop in Hokkaido, Japan.

Designer: Masanori Oji
Maker: Takahashi Kougei
Material: Castor Aralia coated with food-grade polyurethane
Dimensions: ø8 × H6 cm (Bowl) | ø8.1 × H9.1 cm (Medium) | ø7.3 × H12.9 cm (Tall)
Origin: Japan
Notes: Kami cups are finished with food-grade polyurethane.


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